Sapo is a world for all needs

A wide range of sapo structures in different dimensions from 4 to 40 meters and with various uses to meet all the needs of employers and customers who choose sapo to create their desired spaces. We invite you to join us and learn more about the world of sapo.

Sapo can be used for corporate events, advertising and marketing, music festivals, interactive multimedia events - as an amphitheater, for weddings and more. The tent cover is completely opaque, partially or completely transparent or can be provided with your personal brand. It is also possible to easily connect several sapos using communication tunnels.Doors, windows, skylights and shutters in any size can be customized to fit the purpose of the project. Regardless of the need - we will cover you     1 

Basic Equipment

Painted steel sections

The sections of these structures are made of black steel pipes and high quality brands are used. After cutting in the desired dimensions and with millimeter accuracy, these sections enter the production process and become a magnificent structure.

Galvanized steel sections

The pipes are made of high quality galvanized steel. These pipes, which are made of galvanized sheet, are cut to the required sizes and the process of turning them into sections of a magnificent structure begins.


Our engineers follow Buckminster Fuller’s tried and proven method of geodesic architecture construction, whereby we can design and assemble structures 40m and more in diameter. The entire manufacturing and production process takes place in our own factory where every part is quality approved. The framework is made from galvanized and painted-steel struts. Covers are long-lasting, highest quality weather-resistant PVC.


Our standard circular entrance is perfect for large events. Each door is hoop-shaped to provide additional structural integrity. The door cover for each standard arched entrance is made of sturdy tarpaulin material with a zipper.


Sapoworld recommends installation of single or double aluminum glass doors for domes that are to be heated or air conditioned.

Tunnel system

Sapoworld arched tunnels enable a cluster of domes to be joined together to form a futuristic looking, mini-village. The size and length of the tunnels are adjusted to the specific need.

Sapo 20

One of the smallest dome tents in our offer, the Sapo 20 is easy to set up with just a ladder, a wrench, and a couple helpers. Its compact size means it’s easily packed and transported.

Diameter: 5m 
High: 2.5m 
Surface Area: 20 m2   

Persons standing: 29 
Seated at tables: 14 
Seated row: 17

Sapo 30

Sapo 30 is a structure to support an event, a unique recreation area by the hotel pool or a lounge area in your garden and an ideal addition to all of Sappho's large structures.    1

Diameter: 6.29m 
High: 3.85m 
Surface Area: 30 m2   

Persons standing: 44 
Seated at tables: 20 
Seated row: 25

Sapo 40

Sapo 40 has a floor area of ​40 square meters and offers a wide range of possible applications. Due to its relatively small size, it works amazingly well in crowded areas.          1

Diameter: 7.15m 
High: 3.50m 
Surface Area: 40 m2   

Persons standing: 57 
Seated at tables: 26 
Seated row: 32

Sapo 50

Sapo 50, which appears as an amazing booth at trade shows, can help you promote your brand and increase sales results.

Diameter: 8m 
High: 4m 
Surface Area: 50 m2   

Persons standing: 70
Seated at tables: 35 
Seated row: 45

Sapo 75

Sapo 75   Like other tents, can be used outdoors as an amphitheater event venue.

Diameter: 9.5m 
High: 4.75m 
Surface Area: 75 m2   

Persons standing: 105
Seated at tables: 55
Seated row: 70

Sapo 110

Sapo 110 is a popular choice for weddings, trade shows and other outdoor events with 50 or more attendees. Sapo size 110 is suitable for festivals or art exhibitions.

Diameter: 12m 
High: 6m 
Surface Area: 113 m2   

Persons standing: 160
Seated at tables: 75
Seated row: 105

Sapo 150

Sapo 150 is the largest event tent that does not require heavy equipment to install. Instead, we use our pneumatic lift.

Diameter: 14m
High: 7.85m 
Surface Area: 154 m2   

Persons standing: 230
Seated at tables: 112
Seated row: 148

Sapo 300

Sapo 300 is the most popular outdoor event tent. It is often supported by smaller domes that are connected by tunnels and form a city of geographical dome tents.

Diameter: 19m 
High: 9.50m 
Surface Area: 283 m2   

Persons standing: 445
Seated at tables: 220 
Seated row: 275

Sapo 500

Sapo 500 provides a unique space for the realization of every dream. Suitable for events that need to be flawless, such as corporate events, grand openings and celebrations.

High: 12.5m 
Surface Area: 515 m2   

Persons standing: 980
Seated at tables: 440 
Seated row: 600

Sapo 700

Create a large space for yourself in a short time. You will no longer have any restrictions with Sapo. The multi-purpose hall, conference hall, exhibition hall are just some of the applications of Sapo 700.

Surface Area: 706 m2   

Persons standing: 1070
Seated at tables: 500
Seated row: 680

Sapo 1000

Attractive space with an area of ​962 square meters, which is enclosed under a dome. Sapo 100 is the ideal solution for the most ambitious and unique projects. Traveling inside this dome is an event like traveling to another world.

Diameter: 35m 
High: 17.5m 
Surface Area: 962 m2   

Persons standing: 1443
Seated at tables: 680 
Seated row: 950

Sapo 1200

Undoubtedly among the most impressive Structures around the world - Sapo is 1,200 square meters breathtaking, all under a geodetic dome. One of the few Dome structures of this size are now available all over the world.

High: 20m 
Surface Area: 1256 m2   

Persons standing: 1884
Seated at tables: 880
Seated row: 1150