Are there options for covering accessories?

Yes, we offer several cover options for different occasions, such as winter cover, summer cover, mosquito net cover

How to remove winter cover at the end of the season?

First, clean the inside and outside of the cover with a microfiber cloth. Then remove it properly from the adhesive and fold it out after complete collection. Put it in your box and keep it at room temperature for next season.

How do I order spare parts?

First, please specify the model of your igloo. Each product has a unique serial number on its box. Then contact our team by mentioning the serial number and the parts you need. Please take a photo as this will help us process your requests quickly.

How can I clean the transparent cover of my igloo?

Most surface soils are cleared by rain. However, to maintain a good appearance, you can easily clean your transparent cover with a damp microfiber cloth. Avoid washing with machine, bleach, dryer, ironing, laundry.

Can I assemble the pod igloo myself?

Yes, we provide accurate and user-friendly assembly instructions, step-by-step instructions and detailed videos on our website.

This is possible for assembly with the simplest tool you will be told. You can easily assemble it in less than 3 hours.

Is it waterproof?

Yes, the transparent cover and the fabric cover of the igloo are integrated and connected separately so that there are no holes for water to penetrate, causing leakage. However, in humid greenhouse conditions, moisture can condense on the inside surface and cause dripping.

Is the interior warm in summer?

Due to the fact that the igloo is equipped with two covers, in summer, by removing the transparent winter cover, the inside of the igloo is prevented from heating up, and due to the shading of the upper part (summer fabric cover) and shading, the air inside the igloo is cooled There will be no need for a cooling system

Does it stay warm in winter?

In winter and on a sunny day, close the windows to warm the igloo several degrees, especially when it is very cold. The hemisphere form of the igloo is ideal for reducing energy consumption due to less air volume (at least 30%) compared to similar areas with other forms. Due to its small volume for the base surface and the fact that its surface is always in direct sunlight and at a direct angle, it naturally heats up.

Do I need a solid foundation or foundation?

The pod igloo can be installed on soft and hard surfaces. On hard surfaces such as concrete, wooden decks, etc., use metal clamps with suitable screws. In softer places such as soil, lawns, etc., use a base weight kit to secure your igloo to the ground.

Do you have international transportation?

Yes it is possible. All Sapo products are produced to be presented to 5 continents of the world

What are the dimensions of the pod igloo ?

The smallest size of the pod model is available with a diameter of 3.6 and a height of 2.1 (meters) and the largest size with a diameter of 4.5 and a height of 2.5 (meters).

What are the raw materials of the pod model?

The structure of the pod igloo is made of metal pipes with furnace static powder paint and the coating of the structure is made of transparent transparent alloy of non-corrosive materials, 100% recyclable and PVC. Anti-toxic model coatings are soft, transparent, UV resistant, crack resistant

What does the entrance door of the pod look like?

The zipper pod is the main tool used to close the entrance to the igloo.

This zipper is designed to withstand cold temperatures, but must be properly maintained to prevent unexpected complications.

We advise all Pod model owners to use their pavilion structures responsibly and take care of its zippers in winter cold and when using.

Due to heavy rainfall or snowmelt, water may seep between the zipper teeth, and at cold temperatures, these water particles may freeze overnight or eventually during the day - thus disrupting the zipper.

To prevent the zipper from getting stuck, we recommend that you use a water-resistant lubricant (such as WD-40, Multi Use Product) to apply to the zipper and zipper line.

Please do the following steps before using the lubricant:

Step 1: Using a spa, wash the zipper teeth and zipper line. Using microfiber towels, dry the zipper quickly to dry completely

Step 2: Apply the lubricant on the zipper teeth and zipper line.

Step 3: Apply lubricant every two days, especially at very cold temperatures

Warning: Failure to use the lubricant may cause frostbite, which may cause the user to push on the zipper and force it to detach to exit.

At your discretion, please follow these steps so that you can use your pavilion without any inconvenience in this temperature drop.

What is the useful life of transparent coating?

Under suitable conditions, the transparent coating has a lifespan of at least 3 years. Protects it from excessive UV rays and keeps it clean before use extends the life of the coating

How do I heat the pod igloo?

As modern Sapo structures, we always ask the owners to use outdoor type, electric heaters and heaters. The interior of the igloo retains heat, so there is no need to use heaters 24/7.

Please dont use:

A) Propane or gas based heaters

 B) Open fire heating sources

C) Coal or coal based heater.

If you use this Sources may lead to carbon monoxide poisoning

How to prevent air condensation inside the igloo?

The pod pavilion has an inlet and two air vents. By simply opening them for a short time, it helps to circulate moist air inside the pavilion.

Humidity in the pavilion depends on two factors. Rainwater slides in and the surface on which it is placed gets wet. It is wiser to place your pavilion on a platform to prevent rainwater from entering.

Surfaces such as soil and grass easily create a lot of moisture and density. Choose a uniform surface that dries quickly after rain.

What is the resistance of the podigloo to the wind?

Under suitable conditions, this igloo can withstand strong winds of up to 80 km per hour

What is the snow capacity of the igloo?

The pod can withstand a maximum of 100 kg of snow. If the snow on the dome reaches 35 cm, you should remove it with a broom or similar tool to prevent damage to the igloo.

What is the resistance of the igloo to ultraviolet rays?

The structure of the pod pavilion is stable between temperatures between -20 ° C to + 60 ° C and is exposed to sunlight up to 5 UV index.

Can I use a transparent winter cover and a summer cover?

Yes, it is possible, but in summer, when the sun is strong, it is better to remove the transparent cover to increase the useful life of the transparent cover and the natural ventilation of the igloo.